Deception Point

deception-point-9780743497466_hrDeception Point

by Dan Brown

NASA has just made a groundbreaking discovery in the Arctic, one that has great implications for the floundering agency as well as the imminent presidential election.  To verify its authenticity, the White House employs a team of four expert civilians, including Rachel Sexton, the daughter of the current presidential candidate.  What they discover, however, is shocking beyond belief – evidence of scientific fraud beyond their wildest dreams.  Before they can warn the President, the civilian team is ambushed and Rachel is forced to flee for her life, along with Michael Tolland, a science celebrity.  In order to survive, Rachel and Michael must fully uncover the deception and learn who is behind it all.

I bought this book during one of the library’s book sales.  Having read a few of Dan Brown’s books before, I knew they were usually fast-paced and entertaining.  My purchase was not disappointing; it was every bit as exciting as I had hoped for.

This book is written in such a way that it reveals some of the people behind the plot, but not the leader.  Most of the story is told from the view of Rachel Sexton, but sometimes the author chooses to switch to Michael Tolland’s perspective, and a few chapters are written from the viewpoint of other characters, including those participating in the deception.  Knowing who are the “bad guys” makes the story perhaps less suspenseful and takes some of the surprise element away, but it makes the reader more anxious with the knowledge that the “good guys” are trusting those they don’t know are their enemies.

The book focused more on the plot than on character development.  I retained mostly the same amount of knowledge about each character in the story from beginning to end.  Each character’s actions were, however, consistent with previous decisions as well as with what was already known about him or her.  What Deception Point may lack in depth it makes up for in excitement and is an entertaining read.

One of the characters in this book that made it more interesting was Corky Marlinson, a civilian astrophysicist employed by the White House to authenticate NASA’s discovery.  Corky is extremely knowledgeable and capable in his area of expertise, but sadly lacking in social skills and tact, often dropping comments he deems to be humorous at the wrong times and in front of the wrong people.  His presence adds lightness to the story, but he also plays an important role in uncovering the malefactors.

Deception Point is appropriate for a wide range of ages, including the young.  The theme is appropriate and not too mature, with a little romance between the handsome Michael and beautiful Rachel.  There is no inappropriate use of language and no excessively mature scenes.  All in all, Deception Point is pure entertainment and would make a good read in your leisure.

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