Welcome to Voracious Bookworms!  This is a special place created for families that are raising advanced young readers.  I write these book reviews for everyone, but at the end of each review, I always include a special note regarding the book’s appropriateness for younger readers.  Feel free to ask me about a particular book; if I have read it, I will be happy to let you know what I think.  To all voracious bookworms out there, let’s start reading!


Recent Reviews:

Adventures of a Young Naturalist by David Attenborough

51Svywt-ZhL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_In 1954, David Attenborough was offered an opportunity to begin a new show for BBC called Zoo Quest.  He jumped on it.  He traveled the world, finding and capturing rare animals for the London Zoo and filming the whole expedition.  Adventures of a Young Naturalist recounts three of these voyages, taking the reader first to Guyana in search of the giant anteater, then to Indonesia for the legendary Komodo dragon, and finally to Paraguay to find the giant armadillo…. (Continue reading)



Still Alice by Lisa Genova


At age fifty, Alice Howland holds an enviable position as a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard, as well as an impressive reputation in linguistics.  She has led an incredibly successful life along with her husband and is the mother of three grown children.  But as her memory begins to deteriorate and she becomes increasingly disoriented, a devastating diagnosis sends her life spiraling downwards as she gradually loses touch with her family and the rest of the world…. (Continue reading)



The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

51eH5ngcYiLWhen Ernt Allbright, Leni’s father, comes home from the Vietnam War as a former POW, he is barely recognizable as the man he once was.  In 1974, he makes an impulsive decision to move his family to Alaska, where they will harvest their own crops and hunt their own meat.  Thirteen-year-old Leni hopes for a fresh start, and at first, it appears that her father has finally found his cure in the rugged beauty of Alaska.  But as winter approaches, he gradually deteriorates and becomes increasingly unstable…. (Continue reading)