Welcome to Voracious Bookworms!  This is a special place created for families that are raising advanced young readers.  I write these book reviews for everyone, but at the end of each review, I always include a special note regarding the book’s appropriateness for younger readers.  Feel free to ask me about a particular book; if I have read it, I will be happy to let you know what I think.  To all voracious bookworms out there, let’s start reading!


Recent Reviews:

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Skyward 2

Since Spensa was a child, she dreamed of becoming a pilot, a hero that defended her world from the Krell.  But she has been branded coward’s daughter since the day her father broke rank and fled from the enemy.  Her chances of becoming a pilot are almost zero.  And as Spensa strives to become the warrior she had always envisioned, she begins to unearth old secrets, secrets that may better have remained hidden…. (Continue reading)




Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

32148570It is 1939, and twelve-year-old Rill Foss lives with her four younger siblings on the Arcadia, her family’s Mississippi River shantyboat.  For Rill, it is the perfect life – magical, free, and filled with adventures.  Until one night, when her father must rush her mother to the hospital, leaving Rill in charge.  With both parents gone, strange men arrive at the boat and drag them away to the Tennessee Children’s Home Society orphanage, where they are met by the cruel director who seems determined to tear them from each other at every opportunity…. (Continue reading)



The Operator by Robert O’Neill

the-operator-9781501145056_hrIn his New York Times bestseller The Operator, Robert O’Neill begins by briefly describing his childhood in his hometown of Butte, Montana.  He quickly moves on to his impulsive decision to join the SEALs and the grueling months of intense training required to qualify.  During his time as a SEAL – over a decade –, there were periods of time where each night he and his team would record multiple enemy kills…. (Continue reading)